Murphy's Circle

Straight to Hell

Fourteenth Session

“There’s a plan for everything in Creation; sometimes it means I get lucky” – Jaspar, on how it ended up as a good thing that he slept with Lisara

The massed armies are assembled outside Denandsor. Beastmen, Icewalkers, Sky Bersekers, Seventh Legion troops, Gunzhoshou Commandos, and a Fang of Warstriders all lay assembled. Jaspar stands before the team and rallies the troops. Aunn rallies the Beastmen telling them that this is their chance to really fuck some shit up. Hugo shows Lookshy’s Gunzhoshou troops the scars that even Solar Exaltation can’t heal, leftover from his own time as a Gunzhoshou Commando. He tells them that they are going straight to Hell, where they will be fighting for their lives. He tells them that any man who does not Exalt will be left behind. Pointing out the one way out of this mess that a mere mortal would have causes a massive uproar of pride from the Gunzhoshou troopers.
Geralt then activates Pasiap’s Mighty Fist, ripping a gaping wound in the hole of Creation. Raw dread flows out of the hole, and the wound is festering as if it should be bleeding. Kordath tells Hakun to slot the talisman he gave him. Hakun does exactly, that, and the light of the Sun flows out of his Daiklaive and calms his troops. As he does that, the ground begins to shake, Juggernaut crests the hill. They all run straight into Malfeas, after .

A massive Manse of principally red jade is visible in the distance. It has all magical materials in it, and is recognizable as a war manse one would see on the Imperial Mountain, except it is on wheels. There are Demons in front of them, to the left of them, and to the right of them, and there is an Undead army behind them. Hugo sounds a charge, and the Commando units charge in close formation, blowing a massive hole in the rearguard composed of the off-duty troops in the back. Geralt’s warstrider fang jump-jets in, deep-striking at the seam between the rear and third ranks. Flaring his Fang’s Essence jets as they land, they slaughter everything in a hundred foot radius half a mile into the enemy’s second rank from the portal. Callas’s sorcery had fused her with Hakun, and the combination of the two Solars then leads a force of Tyrant Lizards cloned from Nightbird, dropping sorcery attacks that obliterate the entire Masaru then leaps in with his Immaculate force, establishing an anvil to Hugo’s hammer, smashing a hole in the second rank. Hugo’s Gunzoshou troops light the integrated flame pieces in their armor and advance slowly, pushing the remnants of the third rank into the woodchipper of the Immaculates. Jaspar leads his troops into the breaches left by the linebreakers of Commandos, Immacualtes, Warstriders, and Solar Sorcery-enhanced Exalts. The Lunars tie-in the flanks of the breach teams, with Mocks Her Madness in her squirrel form, tearing faces off on the sides of the unit. With that, though, the rain of arrows rains from the first and second ranks, and a dozen totemic banners rise up as Infernals in Hellstriders round and turn on the invading army. Their attacks bounce harmlessly off the warstrider Fang and miss the supersonic turbo lizard fang. Hugo and Masaru’s elite troops take a few hits, but it is Jaspar commanding the mortals who bears the brunt of the attack. Turbo Lizard squadron then comes in and drops on the second rank… obliterating it in its entirety. THe War Manse then opens up into the first rank, blowing things apart with heavy essence cannons. Three Inernals fall to the barrage as the gathered army presses its attack.

Hugo and his 3 Scales, now bearing 4 Awakened Mortals, 3 Terrestrials, and one Lunar in a penguin totemic form, advance on the First rank, flame pieces blasting to keep things in the killbox defined by the Manse’s fire and the Turbo Lizard Squadron’s fire. Masaru’s troops shoot to the left flank, slashing apart a number of 3rd Circle Demons as they set that flank ad force demons attempting to flee the killbox. Geralt’s Warstrider fang goes after the most powerful Hellstrider in the group as the Celestials begin headhunting the Infernals. Callas’s two Fangs of ensorceled flying Tyrant Lizards lay waste to the entire army of the enemy as the Exalts go straight for the Infernals and akuma. The gates of the Manse are thrown open and a force of Immaculates pours out to hold them, waving the armies of the Celestials in. The assembled alliance of Threshold pours into the war manse, the gates clanging shut behind them.

They are quickly ushered to the war room, where the Scarlet Empress herself awaits. She congratulates the Circle on their progress, noting that Maxim had kept her in the loop. She says that the Ebon Dragon is in fact using her daughter, Lillun, as leverage. He has perverted Lillun into the storage mechanism for Infernal Exaltation solely as bait to lure the Empress to Malfeas. He intended to force her to marry him, and had forged a wedding ring that would instantly enthrall whoever wore it. The Empress’s people, however, had snuck into the forge for it and input a feedback loop. The Empress would have a chance to reverse the link and enthrall the Ebon Dragon instead when she put on the ring. With that, the Circle agreed to help her assassinate her daughter, on the principle that taking the ability to control who gains an Infernal Exaltation is still good for Creation. They prepare to enter the Grand Arena of Malfeas, to destroy the source of Infernal Exaltation and ensnare the Ebon Dragon…



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