A Sky Berserker in the Icewalker army, Bernard was killed fighting alongside the Circle. He then came back as an Abyssal


Bernard was an Icewalker in the Bull of the North’s elite/crazy Sky Berserker Corps; riding to war on a glider and laying into his enemies. He did just this against the Deathknight Circle on the Denandsor Plains. He found his honorable death in battle… then came back as an Abyssal.

He consented to be taken captive in Callas’s staff, where he spent 2 days in meditation/stasis. He was brought out in front of The Bull Of The North and the full Circle. He pledged his continuing loyalty to the Bull as soon as he was out, which was not according to pattern for Deathknihgts. It was presumed that since he was never actually taken by the Deathlords due to Callas’s sorcery, he had more free will than most. Hugo in particular saw this and wanted to help him, staying his hand from his first reaction of attacking.

Hugo offered his aid to help the Abyssal, offering to do what he could to purify his Exaltation and restore him to a Solar. Bernard was torn. He wanted to take Hugo up on that, but said that he was now a unique asset. He said he could hear the Neverborn, and what they wanted. He said that they wanted the Circle to be able to get to Malefas.

As he spent more time with the Circle, Bernard noticed something about Aunn. It was soon discovered that even though his Exaltation was tainted, Bernard was Aunn’s Bondmate. That revelation shook the Lunar fairly hard, but in true Lunar fashion, he pushed on, bringing Bernard with them to meet with Fury of Claws. Fury almost attacked the Abyssal on sight, but stayed his hand when he saw Aunn and Callas vouch for him. Bernard remains with the Circle, doing what he can to help his people, the Icewalkers. (Session 12)



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