Fury Of Claws


A leader of the Silver Pact with strong ties to the Circle

An Elder Lunar Exalt who is the Silver Pact’s de facto leader in the Northern regions. He is both the leader of the faction Aunn hails from and the Bondmate of Callas. He has a somewhat strained relationship with Callas, evidenced by their status as… ‘on a break.’ He left Aunn with the Solar Circle as a consequence for disobeying an order not to approach the Bull’s city.

(Appeared Session 4)

Fury had sent out scouting parties of Lunars to look for Mocks Her Madness, trying to stop the Lunar who was teetering on Chimerism. He spotted a trio of totemic Solar banners accompanied by a single Lunar totemic banner and figured it was a good place to start looking. What he saw when he got there was one of his youngest – Aunn of the Guarding Claw – in the company of his Bondmate Callas, and Mocks Her Madness, apparently back on the right side of sanity and chimerism after finding her Bondmate. He expressed his displeasure at Aunn for disobeying orders both not to approach the city and not to go after the Chimera solo, but his heart wasn’t in it since the result couldn’t have been better. With the held of Aunn and Callas, they gave Madness her moonsilver tattoos under the light of the Changing Moon, giving her a bulwark against Chimerism. He left Aunn with the Solars as a consequence of his brash actions and took Madness back to the Silver Pact’s enclave in the North to truly heal her sanity now that they had bulwarked her against further damage. (Session Four)


Fury Of Claws

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