Lunar Admiral of the First Age, the ace in Aunn's pocket. Literally.


One among the few Lunar Elders who hail from the High First Age, Leviathan is also the most reclusive. None of the other Elders have even seen him in centuries, even though he is without a doubt the dominant Lunar in the West. He sends envoys to Gatherings, but has never attended one himself. And according to those beastmen and Western Lunars who have seen him he has been in the form of a behemoth-sized orca for all those many centuries.

So it was with no small amount of surprise that Aunn, searching Denandsor for interlopers on Fury’s advice, found Tepet Lucy playing in a fountain with a dolphin that would turn out to be Admiral Leviathan.

Word had reached the Admiral of the group’s plan to storm Malfeas and the chance to “eat that Dragon’s heart’s blood” was apparently too much to resist. The Lunar Elder swore Aunn and Lucy to secrecy regarding his presence and remains incognito as a newt hiding in Lucy’s belt pouch. (Session Twelve)



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