Mocks Her Madness


A Lunar who was pulled back from the brink of Chimerism by the Circle

A Lunar who had spent the better part of a century in the Wyld after seeing her bondmate die in front of her, Mocks Her Madness had been slipping into insanity for many years as she spent more and more time in the Wyld. She recognized it, though, and had no desire to slip and become a full-blown Chimera. She set out to find an honorable death in battle against the only opponent she could think of that would stand a chance at her – the Solar’s beacon of hope, the Bull of the North. She infiltrated his city, drawing his attention by taking his soldiers first alone, then in small groups. When discovered, Icewalker troops blasted her with an Essence cannon and waited for the Bull to show. When the Solar general appeared, the two fought to a near standstill. She was wounded, but she poisoned the Bull in the process. She had heard that there were more Solars that would be returning soon, and she hid and waited for their return.

When the Circle returned much earlier than expected, and with an extra pair of Solars to boot, she made herself obvious, seeking battle with them. Even with the intervention of a young Lunar warrior, she managed to fight well, wounding several of them before a combined assault from all five took her to the ground. Geralt was about to strike a deathblow when she recognized his Exaltation as her bondmate. Thrilled, that realization arrested her sanity leakage long enough for her to stop fighting. She looked harmless and cute in her mouse form, but Hugo and Aunn still wanted to put her down. Callas suggested that she seal an Eclipse Oath with the Lunar for the young Casteless to seek the Silver Pact and take the Moonsilver tattoos to fully stop her slippage, to stop hunting innocent mortals, and, most importantly, to heal the Bull. She cures the Bull of the poison, and when Fury of Claws arrives later, she takes the tattoos under the Changing Moon. With that, she returned with Fury to the Silver Pact enclave in the North to truly heal. (Session Four)


Mocks Her Madness

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