The Minor NPCs

The rest of them


Skyseeker – An Elder artisan of the Mountainfolk the Circle met in Diamond Hearth. The Circle convinced her to lend her support to their banner, and she traveled to the Bull’s city, where she took up the job of forging nomads into a civilization. (Appeared Sessions Three, Eight, Nine)

Songforger – Elder savant of the Mountainfolk from Diamond Hearth. He lent a number of his journeymen to aid the Bull after some convincing by the Circle. (Appeared Session Three)

Dark Granite – Elder warrior and general of the Diamond Hearth Mountainfolk. He still remembers the First Age, and his treatment at the hands of the Deliberative, and flat-out refused to aid the Circle when they first met. When they went to him again months later in the run-up to the invasion of Malfeas he did worse: he made a deal with the Ebon Dragon to spare his people and sealed the Solars and himself in Diamond Hearth before encasing himself in a chrysalis. The Solars quickly escaped, however, and Dark Granite was taken into custody. (Appeared Session Three, Twelve)

Strength of Mountains – Pack Leader of a Silver Pact team operating in the South, he ran to the Circle’s aid when he spotted their anima banners in the Wyld, then helped point them towards Lisara (Appeared Session Six)

Wind-Reader – Lunar thaumatage and diviner, she located Lisara for the Circle, and warned them that a being with a massive Destiny awaited them when they caught up with her. (Appeared Session Six)

Foe-Chaser – Lunar scout from the South. (Appeared Session Six)

Oshit Run – Lunar warrior from the South (Appeared Session Six)

Harbinger of the Ghost-Cold Wind – Moonshadow-Caste Deathknight from Thorns. He has a but of a history with the Icewalkers, particularly their Sky Berserkers. He led a diplomatic mission from Thorns to Denandsor, but was intercepted by the Circle before he reached the City. Used some variety of charm on Hugo when he was told flatly by both Hugo and Aunn to leave. That induced Hugo to attack, and his Circle of Deathknights and two scales of warghosts assaulted the Solars. Engaged in a protracted combat with Hugo before he noticed that he was the last Deathknight standing. He attempted to flee back into the Labyrinth, only to suffer an almost certain end when Callas cast a Solar Circle Sorcery through the rift into the Labyrinth. (Appeared and killed Session Eleven)

Keeper of the Black Gate – Dusk-Caste Deathknight of Thorns. He and his twin brother, Undaunting Sabbath, took the Black Exaltation and were a part of the diplomatic mission to Denandsor. Had his throat ripped out by Aunn (Appeared and killed Session Eleven) After his death, his Exaltation jumped to a handy Icewalker Sky Berserker, and reincarnated in Bernard. Also the shard that is Aunn’s Bondmate.

Warden of the Darkest Path – Day-Caste Deathknight in the service of Thorns. A powerful archer, he was a part of the diplomatic mission to Denandsor. Battered into a wreck by Geralt, run through by Jasper, and then died after a long fall (Appeared and killed Session Eleven)

Undaunting Sabbath – Midnight-Caste Deathknight in the service of Thorns. Twin brother of Keeper of the Black Gate, he was part of Thorns diplomatic mission to Denandsor. Killed when the Circle’s airship was brought down on top of him (Appeared and killed Session Eleven)

Dark Lantern of the Nemissary ? – Daybreak-Caste Deathknight in the service of Thorns. A talented martial artist, he was part of the diplomatic mission to Denandsor. Assumed dead after Geralt powerbombed him into a bottomless grave (Appeared (and killed?) Session Eleven)


The Minor NPCs

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