Tepet Lisara


A Talon Captain in the Imperial Legions with a dark past, this Terrestrial sought and took her deal with the devil

Tepet Lisara is a case study in everything that is wrong with how the Realm handles promotions. Her grades at the House Of Bells were top-notch… not that it had anything to do with her test scores. It rather had to do with her affairs with three separate instructors, two of whom she blackmailed. With that, she was assigned a very prestigious post for so young a Scale Lieutenant, fresh out of the House of Bells. She continued to connive her way to the top instead of earning it, reaching the rank of Dragon Colonel with unprecedented speed. She was assigned to the staff of General Tepet Arada as his Intelligence officer upon that promotion. It was Lisara’s machinations that lead to the famed Roseblack being removed from command of the invasion of the North, and the reassingment of Arada to command that force.

Her less-than-stellar skills were put in direct command of the Second Reconnasaince Batallion, home to the Gunzousha Commando Scouts, which her cousin, then-Fang Sergeant Tepet Hugo served in prior to his Exaltaion. Her ineffective use of the Scouts coupled with her even poorer tactical recommendations were taken as Scripture by Arada, who based the fundamental disposition of his legions around it. That disposition allowed the Bull to run through Arada’s force like there was no tomorrow, killing more than a third of Tepet’s legions in a single battle.

Lisara was disgraced and reassigned to a remote outpost in the north, demoted from Dragon Colonel all the way down to Talon Captain. She blamed everyone but herself for that, and she took an ‘all-costs’ attitude towards regaining her power. That attitude lead to her literally selling her soul to the Yozis, trading her free will for the power of an akuma. Her newfound masters’ endgame remains unclear, all that is known is that she is a crucial piece in it.

(Appeared Sessions 2, 3, 7)

She was first met when the Circle went north to Diamond Hearth. She had deployed with 2 Fangs of Realm troops to put down the local undead. Hugo, still bitter and angry about her failure as a field commander during Tepet’s campaign against the Bull, exchanged vitriolic words with her, but ultimately did accept her command. (Session 2)

After she heard what Hakun had said when the Circle landed at Diamond Hearth, she called Hugo and Hakun in separately to answer to her for consorting with Anathema. Hugo managed to convince her he was undercover with the Bull in an effort to accomplish by guile what open war had failed to do. Hakun, by cotnrast, drove her into enough of a rage that she attacked him, assuming him to be merely an Outcaste Terrestrial. Hakun kept up with her, badly wounding her before she fled for the Blessed Isle, but not after leaving enough clues that the Circle pieced her identity as an akuma together. (Session 3)

After chasing her all the way across Creation, the Circle finally caught back up to her in the South, at a volcano controlled by the Cult of the Empress. She was visibly pregnant, having melded the blood and abilities of a dozen high pedigree Terrestrials, her Yozi masters, and one unfortunate Zenith-Caste Solar into the perfect child. She nodded at a Second Circle Demon to deal with the Circle before she stepped into the manse. Hugo was the first to break through the door. He found her distinctly not pregnant, and he was wounded enough that he let her explain herself instead of trying to kill her. She explained that she had made a rash decision, and that this place was an Elsewhere where time flowed differently. While it had been mere moments for Hugo, seven years had passed for her. In Elsewhere, the Yozis no longer had a connection to her, and their control had waned. Her daughter had also awakened long-dormant maternal instincts. She regretted her actions and wanted a clean death at Hugo’s hands, after handing her daughter over to someone who would care for her. Instead, Hugo spared her after she agreed to be Oathbound by Callas, and they left her with Maxim and the Order to try and save her soul. (Sessions 7,8)

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Tepet Lisara

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