Tepet Lucy

This child was intended to be the Yozi's key into the Realm Defense Grid... too bad for them they underestimated the Unconquered Sun they put in her


A near-perfect Terrestrial mothered by Lisara on orders from the Yozis, a little indiscretion from Jasper saved her from being a slave to the Darkness

Lucy was the result of the Yozi’s backup plan. The Circle is still trying to figure what their primary was, but Lucy was certainly their backup. She was conceived by Lisara as the Ultimate Terrestrial. The use of Lisara’s akuma abilities allowed her to blend the best parts of multiple fathers into her child. Lisara seduced almost a dozen of the purest-blooded Terrestrials in the Realm to get the perfect Terrestrial bloodline for Lucy. Coupled with the Yozi’s power, she completed what was expected to be the last piece when she seduced Jasper in the frozen tundra of Diamond Hearth. That combination of fathers gave her the purest bloodline in a Terrestrial outside the Empress herself, which was the entire idea – Lisara would claim that Lucy was a child of the Empress who had been hidden away in case of emergency. Lucy, as a puppet of the Yozis, would ascend the Scarlet Throne, take control of the Realm Defense Grid, and then use the Grid to break the Yozis out of Malefas. Unfortunately for her Yozi masters, they underestimated the power of the Zenith-Caste they had insisted be a part of Lucy.

The result was simple: Lucy was not born a servant of Darkness as the Yozis wished, but rather with both Light and Darkness in equal balance. That left it a question of nurture. Lisara gave birth to her in the time-accelerated manse in the south just after leaving the Circle behind in Creation. For the first six years of her life, Lucy’s only human contact came from Lisara, who was becoming increasingly regretful about her decision to sell her soul to the Yozis.

When the Circle caught up with Lisara and Lucy moments of their time after they left, they could tell that Lucy’s destiny was immense. They debated at length about what to do with her, and eventually they made an agreement – her Destiny affected all of Creation, so all of Creation would get a hand in raising her. Taking on an Immaculate Monk from Hugo’s Order, they took her to the North, where a representative of the Solars, the Lunars, and the Terrestrials would take a hand in her education, hoping to raise her to be a truly good person who would turn her
Destiny to better Creation. (Sessions Seven and Eight)

Once Denandsor had been taken by the Circle, she joined them there. Still barely seven years old, she took to her lessons as things befit her destiny, mastering Fire Dragon Style under Masaru’s tutelage in barely six months, and is now pestering Uncle Hugo for lessons on Air Dragon Style (Session Ten)

Lucy’s attempts to learn Air Dragon Style apparently met with the customary (if somewhat disconcerting in scope) success of everything else she turns her mind to, as she was able to sneak into a meeting of the Denandsor Exalted and the Bull after the skirmish with deathknights out on the plains. In the process she managed to snag the abyssal hearthstone and informed the group that someone wanted to talk to them.

Even with Callas along for the ride as a precaution Lucy was completely overwhelmed in the resulting conversation, possessed by the Yozi who was actually responsible for her creations: the Ebon Dragon. The Dragon promised the group that they didn’t stand a chance, and that he and his bride would rule Creation while Lucy used them as eternal cursed playthings. (Session 11)

In the aftermath of this the group resolved to keep Lucy as far away from Malfeasance as possible. Aunn set about demonstrating techniques to resist creatures of darkness, betting on Lucy’s intelligence to learn by watching. Finally, in yet another occasion where Aunn has had to shout ’Where’s Lucy!?‘, the young girl befriended Admiral Leviathan of the Silver Pact; Leviathan is currently a newt hiding in Lucy’s pocket, waiting for the invasion of Malfeas. ( Session 12)


Tepet Lucy

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