Tepet Maxim


A Grand Master of the Immaculate Order, this spymaster of House Tepet is keeping careful track of all of the pieces he has on the Gateway board

A Grand Master of the Immaculate Order’s Air Dragon school, Tepet Maxim is one of the most powerful political figures in House Tepet. Even with Tepet’s star on the descent, he remains a formidable figure in the Realm as a whole.

His piousness, though, stops when he sees the measure of a man. This is the only reason he let Tepet Hugo live, as the young man sought his answers in the Immaculate Faith when he came back from the North after Exalting not as a Terrestrial, but as an Anathema. He watched and guided the young Solar, evaluating him every step of the way, and concluded that the good in Hugo’s soul had overcome the evil of the Anathema his body now carried. He shepherded the Exalt through his initial training in the Immaculate Arts before setting him on his way, sending him North in the hopes that he would exert a positive influence on other Solars he may come across.

After the Circle’s first encounter with Lisara, he contacted Hugo while they were en route to the Bull’s city. He informed Hugo that Lisara had accused him of being a blood traitor – convincingly, seeing as how he was working with Solars. It was not known that he was a Solar himself, but he was still wanted just the same, especially since Hakun’s big mouth had ensured that Lisara started the rumor that the Mountainfolk were now working with the Bull. He warned Hugo to watch his step, and be careful if it became necessary for the young Solar to contact him again. (Interlude between Sessions 3 and 4)

Once the Circle had taken Lisara into custody and Lucy into their protection, Hugo contacted him again. Hugo told him that they had… well, quite a bit of news. Maxim took it fairly calmly, all things considered, when Hugo told him they had captured an akuma, and bound her by Eclipse Oath never to serve Darkness again. He was more than intrigued by Lucy, and Hugo arranged for a meeting where the Terrestrial Elder could meet the child. The Circle landed on an outlying outpost of Maxim’s monastery, and Hugo was warily greeted by Maxim and a Sworn Brotherhood. Maxim examined Lucy, came to the same conclusions that the Circle had, and assigned Masaru as her tutor. (Session 8)

When Hugo confronted Masaru for the third time (and actually remembered this time) about the latter’s nature as something clearly not a Terrestrial, Maxim was listening in. When Hugo angrily called Maxim on a stunt like this, he informed Hugo that he was perfectly aware that Masaru was a Sidereal when he assigned him as a liason to the Circle, and that he couldn’t tell Hugo everything, citing that if Hugo knew, Maxim’s plans would be upset. Hugo promised that they would have words next time they met and accepted this, although to call him unhappy with his sifu would be an understatement. (Session 11)


Tepet Maxim

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