The Bull of the North


A Dawn-Caste Solar who has become a beacon of hope for all Solars deep in the frozen wastes of the North

Yurgen Karenko is the de facto leader of the Solars return. After taking his Second Breath, he took the disparate Icewalker tribes and united them, creating a large and powerful army out of some of the best fighters in Creation. Taking up residence in an ancient manse that allowed a patch of arable land in the Northern tundra, he set his hand to turn the Icewalker Nomads into a true civilization.

The Realm, naturally, took objection to an anathema trying to build a civilization, much less an anathema with a very powerful Legion at his command. They sent a Wyld Hunt to deal with the young Karenko. Karenko effortlessly took the Hunt out. Now a true threat, House Tepet dispatched three of its nine Legions to deal with the upstart anathema. That force should have been led by the best General in the Realm, Tepet Ejeva, but the machinations of then-Dragon Colonel Tepet Lisara removed the famed Roseblack from command, substituting General Tepet Arada in for her as the Tepet Legions took to the field with a three to one edge in numbers and two full Fangs of their best Warstriders as their spearhead.

House Tepet never knew what hit it

Yurgen led the Imperial Forces on a merry hunt, his counterintelligence forces setting traps. Despite protest and cries of ‘its a trap’ from the rank-and-file in her recon units, Tepet Lisara fell for the Bull’s deceptions hook, line, and sinker. On her advice, Arada marched his army until they were exhausted chasing phantoms. Yurgen then dropped his single Legion on them, smashing House Tepet’s power in a single blow. Arada managed to retreat, his lines held by the sacrifice of his men and his warstriders.

Now armed with the Realm’s finest weapons, Yurgen continued the task of settling his people into a true civilization. He was frustrated by the limited scope of abilities his nomads had. He had warriors and smithies in plenty, but was hurting for artisans, craftsmen, farmers, and other things to create a peaceful society. Desperate, he was about to reach out to his last hope, the Mountainfolk, when Fate gave him a gift. (Prelude)

Three young Solars had journeyed to his city, seeking guidance and training. He welcomed them with open arms, already planning their role in the reshaping of his civilization. he was somewhat disturbed by the fact that one of the three had been a Tepet soldier on the other side of the field when he took his Second Breath. He kept a careful eye on the young Immaculate as he sent the three of them to Diamond Hearth as his emissary to the Mountainfolk (Session One)

While his newfound Solar allies were at Diamond Hearth, his city was set upon by a suspected Chimera. Yurgen went out to personally deal with it once his men pinned it down. He managed to wound the beast, but was poisoned and incapacitated in the process. Kept barely alive by alchemists, he held on long enough for his three Solar allies to return from Diamond Hearth… with two new friends. The fledgling Circle, aided by a young Lunar warrior, pulled the Lunar who had poisoned Yurgen back into sanity, and she cured him. (Session Four)

Partially recovered, he joked that he should take more naps when the Circle gave him their report. A Mountainfolk Elder was on her way to rebuild his city, they had made inroads to good relations with the Silver Pact, and his people were flourishing. He was less pleased with the notice that The Mask Of Winters had offered the Circle a few key bits of information about the akuma they were pursuing. His eyes flew wide as Hugo told him they knew the location of the Scarlet Empress. He told his adjutant to bring him all the maps as a full session of his War Council started, a diplomatic mission to Lookshy accompanying the Circle on their way to run down Lisara. (Session Five)

Two months passed before the Circle returned. In that time, the Mountainfolk had laid a very firm foundation for his civilization, although they weren’t progressing as fast as they wanted, for want of materials and tools. Upon the Circle’s return, he asked them what Creation-shattering revelations they brought him this time. Hugo replied deadpan that they had discovered a hyperbolic time chamber in the South, had discovered that the Cult Of The Empress was working with the Green Sun Princes, had made a fragile alliance with Tepet Maxim, and had a child bred for operating the Realm Defense Grid with them. Yurgen shook his head and said muttered something about ‘not again…’ before getting his War Council in full session again. (Session Eight)

The cadre of Mountainfolk engineers he had were finally ready to turn their attention to the dozen warstriders Yurgen had captured, including Paisap’s Fist, the flagship of House Tepet. He showed off the warstriders to the Circle, stroking his beard as he explained. He had the hulls, but not the tools to repair them. There were only three places in Creation with what they needed. One was the Imperial City, obviously not an option. The second was Lookshy, similarly not a good idea. The last was the City of Madness, Denandsor, which Yurgen asked the Circle to investigate and see if they could take. The Circle set off to Denandsor on his orders, which they retook. With a new outpost in the West, Yurgen began further aggressive negotiations with Lookshy, making an effort to take advantage of his newfound strength. (Session Nine)


The Bull of the North

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